New Equipment / Powered Pallet Trucks

Electric pallet jack

  • Compact design with exceptionally heavy-duty loading capacity of 2000kg. Is easy to move in the most confined space and narrow aisle such as in retail stores, small warehouses and factories
  • Electric driving and lifting offers a huge advantage over manually operated hand pallet trucks with its quick and effortless loading and transporting features
  • Curtis controller offers smooth and responsive control for driving and reverse speed
  • Comes with a battery indicator, key switch and emergency off button. Conforms to DIN EN 1786-1 requirements

Overall widthmm726
Overall lenghtmm1815
Turning radiusmm1640

OPL Description:
  • Low post order picker for the place where time and efficiency require maximization
  • Effortless steering with approximately 600 tiller lock for 900 steering lock. Operator always remains safely within the truck contours. First-class travel comfort through intuitive operation and secure hold
  • High strength structure design
  • The OPL14 has raising forks for effortlessly picking
Overall widthmm796796
Overall lengthmm27352580
Turning radiusmm23002230

  • Suitable for factory, workshop and warehouse. Ergonomically designed, the operator can rely on the brake rest to reduce fatigue. It can steer the direction at a range of 180 degrees. The direction indicator makes the steering easily and effortless
  • High loading capacity, small turning radius and perfect for limited space use
  • AC driving system and steering system from ZAPI makes the truck perform better in travelling and steering, and ensures long service life of battery

Overall widthmm796
Overall lengthmm2025
Turning radiusmm1935